Choose from over 200+ colours and add a custom logo to your cart

Customise any one of our charging carts with a custom RAL colour. With over 200 colours to choose from and the option to add a custom logo, brand your cart for your business or school.


RAL 1002RAL 1003RAL 1004RAL 1005RAL 1006RAL 1007RAL 1011RAL 1012RAL 1013RAL 1014RAL 1015RAL 1016RAL 1017RAL 1018RAL 1019RAL 1020RAL 1021RAL 1023RAL 1024RAL 1026RAL 1027RAL 1028RAL 1032RAL 1033RAL 1034RAL 1035RAL 1036RAL 1037


RAL 2000RAL 2001RAL 2002RAL 2004RAL 2005RAL 2007RAL 2008RAL 2009RAL 2010RAL 2011RAL 2012RAL 2013


RAL 3000RAL 3001RAL 3002RAL 3001RAL 3004RAL 3005RAL 3007RAL 3009RAL 3011RAL 3012RAL 3013RAL 3014RAL 3015RAL 3016RAL 3017RAL 3018RAL 3020RAL 3022RAL 3024RAL 3026RAL 3027RAL 3028RAL 3031RAL 3032RAL 3033




RAL 6000RAL 6001RAL 6002RAL 6003RAL 6004RAL 6005RAL 6006RAL 6007RAL 6008RAL 6009RAL 6010RAL 6011RAL 6012RAL 6013RAL 6014RAL 6015RAL 6016RAL 6017RAL 6018RAL 6019RAL 6020RAL 6021RAL 6022RAL 6024RAL 6025RAL 6026RAL 6027RAL 6028RAL 6000RAL 6032RAL 6033RAL 6034RAL 6035RAL 6036RAL 6037RAL 6032


5000500150025003500450055007500850095010501150125013501450155017501850195020RAL 502150225023502450255026


RAL 7000RAL 7002RAL 7003RAL 7004RAL 7005RAL 7006RAL 7008RAL 7009RAL 7010RAL 7011RAL 7012RAL 7013RAL 7015RAL 7016RAL 7021RAL 7022RAL 7000RAL 7024RAL 7026RAL 7030RAL 7031RAL 7000RAL 7033RAL 7000RAL 7035RAL 7036RAL 7037RAL 7038RAL 7000RAL 7040RAL 7042RAL 7043RAL 7044RAL 7040RAL 7040RAL 7040RAL 7040


RAL 8000RAL 8001RAL 8002RAL 8000RAL 8000RAL 8000RAL 8008RAL 8011RAL 8000RAL 8014RAL 8015RAL 8000RAL 8017RAL 8019RAL 8022RAL 8000RAL 8000RAL 8025RAL 8028RAL 8025


RAL 9001RAL 9001RAL 9001RAL 9001RAL 9001RAL 9001RAL 9007RAL 9010RAL 9011RAL 9016RAL 9001RAL 9001RAL 9022RAL 9001

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